Bulldog kennel

Welcome to the Homegage of the
Unicum Buldy Bulldog kennel

Welcome to the Unicum Buldy English and French bulldog breeder website. We live in Hungary, a coastal city of Lake Balaton, in Siófok.
Our breeding was founded in 1995, the breeding of healthy offspring and the quality  is what we seek. 
                 Bene Sándor and Benéné Marika
Puppes for sale
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  • 100_2492.jpg
  • 105.jpg
  • Blue,blue pied 150.jpg
  • Blue,blue pied 198.jpg
  • Blue,blue pied 262.jpg
  • blue male 002.jpg
  • blue male 040.jpg
  • blue male 088.jpg
  • Sally,Serafin,Bluefawn female 096.jpg
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